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Those who would like to request a ballot and vote early can contact the town clerk and fill out Absentee Ballot Request 2016  OR  visit the Secretary of State’s website at:  Ballots must be completed and returned to the town clerk by the close of polls on August 9th.

Keep in mind, only registered voters can request a ballot. For voters who are not yet registered, they can go online to complete their registration:

Voters must register by August 3rd to be eligible to vote in the August 9th primary.

2016 Primary Warning

Sample Ballots : You may vote for ONLY ONE PARTY

8.9.2016 PRIMARY Democrat Ballot SAMPLE

8.9.2016 PRIMARY Republican Ballot SAMPLE

8.9.2016 PRIMARY Progressive Ballot SAMPLE


“Voting is a constitutional right and I am proud that our early voting system makes this right more accessible. Whether you vote early or at the polls on August 9th, I strongly encourage all Vermonters to get out and exercise their right vote.” ~Secretary of State Jim Condos

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Public Notice

Amendment to Marlboro Traffic Ordinance

Pursuant to all applicable provisions of Vermont statute, on May 12, 2016 the Marlboro Select Board adopted the following amendment to the Marlboro Traffic Ordinance which has been in effect since February 25, 2009.

(Additions shall be underlined.)



The Town of Marlboro adopts the state regulated speed zones on State Highway Route 9 in the Town of Marlboro, Vermont, pursuant to Vermont Statutes Annotated Title 23, Section 1007(a)(2) to allow the Town of Marlboro to collect a percentage of fines collected by the State for speeding violations that occur on State Highway Route 9 in the Town of Marlboro, Vermont.

This ordinance amendment will take effect July 11, 2016 unless a petition signed by at least five percent of the voters of Marlboro is filed with the Town Clerk by June 25, 2016 asking for a vote to disapprove the ordinance amendment.  If a petition is received, the Marlboro Select Board will warn a special meeting and the voters may vote on that question.

Town of Marlboro Select Board:  Tyler Gibbons, Chair; Pieter van Loon, Vice Chair; Patti Smith.