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Town Meeting will be on Tuesday March 1, 2016 at 9 am in the Town House.  The Presidential Primary Election will also be held alongside the local election of town officers, and polling hours will be 10 am until 7 pm in the Town Office.  

New for this election cycle is the “My Voter Page,” the online resource that allows every registered voter to login and have access to a unique, voter-specific web page where they can request an absentee ballot, track its status, update their voter registration record, find their polling place, view a sample ballot, and more.  Also new is the “Online Voter Registration Tool” which allows all eligible Vermonters to submit their voter registration application online anytime and anywhere they can access the internet at   

People wishing to receive their absentee ballots can do so through the website or by calling or emailing the office.  Be warned that voters must choose either a Democratic or Republican ballot, as well as the local ballot. 

Sample ballots below :                                       Meeting Warnings below:

2016 Town Election Sample Ballot                         Warning, Town Meeting 3.1.2016

2016 Sample Republican Ballot                             Warning, School District Meeting 3.1.2016

2016 Sample Democrat Ballot