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Time to decide! Over the next several weeks the Act 46 Elementary Study Committee Members are scheduling six public information sessions to give voters many opportunities to discuss what will be on the ballot when they vote in March, 2017 at Town Meeting Day. Voters, parents of schoolchildren, and interested residents may go to any of these meetings in any of these towns. The schedule is as follows:

  • January 12Thursday       6:30pm – 8pm         Marlboro Elementary School
  • January 19Thursday       6:30pm – 8pm         Dover Town Hall
  • January 23Monday         6:30pm – 8pm         Wardsboro Town Hall
  • February 2Thursday       6:30pm – 8pm          Wardsboro Town Hall
  • February 13Monday        6:30pm – 8pm          Marlboro Elementary School
  • February 27Monday        6:30pm – 8pm          Dover Town Hall

WEATHER! In the event a meeting is canceled, plan to attend a meeting on a different date. Notice of canceled meetings will be on the Committee’s blog site or send an email to ask to

Much more information online    –

Ask a question by email   –

In person   –   contact any of the Committee Members

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2016_12_06 PC Public Hearing Minutes
2016_12_6 PC Draft Special Meeting Minutes

Proposed Zoning Regulations


Proposed Zoning Map and Overlays