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The minutes to the 2018 Town Meeting and School District Meeting can be found below:

2018_03_06 Town Meeting Minutes

2018_03_08 School District Meeting Minutes

Click here for the Town Report MARLBORO_townreport2017



166 ballots were cast at Town Meeting on March 6, 2018 which is 24% voter turnout.

Select Board:   Jesse Kreitzer      152 votes

Lister :             Evan Wyse             161 votes

Auditor :           Gail MacArthur      164 votes

Constable :      Clarence E. Boston     131 votes

Grand Juror :    Robert Anderson    162 votes

Town Agent :    Robert Anderson      161  votes

MES School Director : Douglas Korb      156 votes

MES School Director : Lauren Poster      150 votes

MES School Director : David Holzapfel    156 votes

Zoning Regulation Revision Vote    Yes = 122      No = 39     Blank= 5

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The proposed Zoning Regulations Revisions will be voted by Australian ballot on Town Meeting Day

Proposed Zoning Regulations
Marlboro Zoning Regulations – Proposed revision-2018-1-30, showing additions & deletions
Highlights of Major Proposed Revisions to the Marlboro Zoning Regulations-2018-1-30

Marlboro Zoning Regulations – Proposed revision-2018-1-30

Proposed Zoning Maps and Overlays
Proposed Zoning Map-2of4 – Wildlife Habitat Overlay-July,2017