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Dear Marlboro Voters:   If you would like to vote early for the Primary Election on August 26, 2014 you can submit your request at the Town Clerk’s Office, by phone, or by email ( We will process your request the day we receive it. For the Primary there are four ballots, one for each party, and you may vote ONE ONLY. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Please click here  for absentee ballot request forms and to see sample ballots for the  2014 Primary Election.

Forrest Holzapfel  • Town Clerk, Marlboro

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Here are the propagation “plots”.  There are three; each only shows Verizon Wireless coverage.


The “existing” plot is self-explanatory.


The “proposed” plot shows only the coverage predicted from the Augur Hole Road site.


The “post” plot shows the composite of the existing and the proposed plots.

The light green color represents the strongest signal, followed by dark green and pink.  The white areas are expected to have no Verizon Wireless signal.  The existing and post plots only show the sites that Verizon Wireless has in operation now.  They do not show potential future sites.