Here is the latest info on PACE that we talked about at the Generate Energy Session at the last Community Meeting on Monday evening at MES. Jason MacArthur has volunteered to help coordinate our effort here in Marlboro. Peter Adamczyk’s contact info is included below.

The link that I promised at the last Energy Committee meeting for the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network is also included below.

My first impression was that the quick start program required the $2,000 match and should wait til after the initial vote. We learned Monday evening that we do not have to wait for the vote and at least some of the $2,000 match can be in volunteer time. It appears that we can do this. When is the optimum time to organize a meeting to help people in town become more informed about PACE? Let’s start planning now. The idea of having articles in the MIXER is a great first step.

Thanks for all of your participation.

Tom Simon
Marlboro Energy Coordinator

From: Johanna Miller []
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:44 PM
To: Johanna Miller; Paul Markowitz; Peter Adamczyk
Subject: PACE-March 27 Follow Up and Next Steps, Important Action for PACE Support

Hello PACE-Interested Folks,

On March 27, many of you joined us at the Vermont Law School for a daylong session to learn much more about the promising municipal clean energy financing tool – PACE. THANK YOU. It was an inspiring and successful day.

This email is a follow up to that day – apologies for the delay. Included is additional information and links to resources that will hopefully assist you in your on-the-ground efforts to move PACE forward.

In or attached to this email you will find:

A link to the Power Point Presentations from March 27, as well as links to video clips of the different sessions of the day. Find that information on the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network web site here

A sample letter of agreement with VEIC (attached)- authorizing implementation services for the federally funded PACE “Quick Start” program that VEIC is leading on.

A 1-page summary of VEIC’s “Quick Start” program (attached) to go along with the sample letter of agreement

A letter from VECAN, (attached) if you desire to use it, to accompany the 1) sample letter of agreement and 2) overview of “quick start” to help put a little context around the PACE opportunity and statewide effort underway. Feel free to use this or not use this letter.

On March 27 it was abundantly clear that towns are interested in in pursuing PACE, and several communities have begun moving forward. Most, if not all, folks who attended also indicated a strong desire for support in helping move the effort forward successfully in their town. The group of organizations that co-hosted the March 27 event are eager to help communities pursue this opportunity. Those organizations include:

. Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC)
. Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network (VECAN)
. Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT)
. Vermont Natural Resources Council (a partner in VECAN)
. Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG).

Starting with the March 27 session – and looking forward to a follow-up event in the fall – these organizations are very willing to provide ongoing support to help your – and PACE – efforts succeed.

To that end, we want to help foster coordination, communication and resources to serve your needs. This email has some elements that start that process, including, most importantly, the ‘Sample Letter of Agreement’ that VEIC needs all communities interested in securing their technical support to have their Select Boards sign and authorize. NOTE: To take advantage of the funding and technical support VEIC is lending through this “Quick Start’ program, there is a required local match of $2,000. That can come in the form of volunteer energy committee hours lent to the effort, volunteer hours, etc. Find more info attached.

Stay tuned for further details and follow up on our front. And stay in touch. Here’s one way:

VERMONT PACE LIST SERVE: Immediately following this email, you should receive an invitation from me to join a Vermont PACE list serve. As things intensify with PACE efforts across Vermont , this list serve is intended to serve as a communication forum for and by towns, organizations and individuals interested in PACE.

If you have questions about the PACE program or any materials included in this email, please call

Johanna Miller – Outreach Director and Energy Program Co-Director, Vermont Natural Resources Council, 9 Bailey Ave., Montpelier, VT 05602. Phone: 802.223.2328 ext. 112, or
Peter Adamczyk – VEIC – Financial and Technical expert on PACE – 802-488-7631 or
Brian Shupe, VNRC Energy Program Co-Director and VECAN partner – 802-223-2328 ext. 114 or
Paul Markowitz, Vermont Sierra Club and VECAN partner – 802-229-6307 or

Thanks for all you do. Look forward to continuing to work with you on this exciting opportunity.


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