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The Town Report is here 2019 Town Report

Early voting is now underway for the upcoming Town Meeting local election, as well as the Vermont Presidential Primary on March 3, 2020.  In the Presidential Primary, by State law (see 17 VSA 2704), you may vote EITHER the Democratic OR the Republican ballot.  In person, you will need to declare to the ballot clerk which ballot you prefer to vote. There is no party registration in Vermont, so vote “without fear or favor of any person” as it states in the voter’s oath.  To vote early, you must submit to the Town Clerk your 2020 Absentee Ballot Request

See sample ballots for both the Town & Presidential Primary elections here

Sample Ballot Town Meeting 2020

Sample Ballot (D) VT Presidential Primary 2020

Sample Ballot (R) VT Presidential Primary 2020

To see the contents of the upcoming town and school meetings please see:

Warning Town Meeting 2020

Warning School District Meeting 2020

Warning VT Presidential Primary 3.3.2020   

For more information about Town Meeting Articles 6 and 18:
Article 6: Animal Resource Fund Information

Article 18: CUD Formation Information


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