Get a building permit?

All new structures need a permit. No zoning permit is required ONLY if the structure to be built is under 100 square feet AND under 7 feet tall AND meets the setback requirements of 50 feet. Interior renovation does not need a permit.

You may download a Zoning Permit (which includes detailed directions) and refer to the Marlboro Zoning Regulations for details.  Call the Town Office (254-2181) or the Zoning Administrator (257-4227) with questions, and kindly ask, don’t assume.  Please understand that the process requires a little effort on your part, but is hugely helpful to both you and the town in the long term.

Get a burn permit?

On the day you plan to burn, and before kindling a fire, voice communication is required (no phone messages) with the Fire Warden Allan McLane (579-7987), Fire Chief David Elliott (464-8626 or 257-0252 at Town Garage), or Deputy Fire Warden Pieter van Loon (254-3872). Generally, no permit is needed when there is snow cover, but calling first is always recommended, so that a smoke investigation is not needed should another party call it in.

Looking for information about South Pond?

The Vermont Fishing Access at South Pond is the only PUBLIC place to use South Pond, and swimming there is not allowed for people or dogs. In an effort to prevent the spread of unwanted invasive plant species boaters should clean their boats prior to putting them in South Pond.

Marlboro residents who are on the voter checklist are eligible to buy a membership to use the Marlboro Park Association Beach. Memberships are limited.  The Marlboro Park Association leases the property from the Ames Hill Marlboro Community Center. For additional information about using the Marlboro Park Association Beach please read 2015 South Pond Information.

Contact Mimi Brill via email ~ for purchasing memberships to the Marlboro Park Association Beach.

The Ames Hill Marlboro Community Center owns and has conserved a large portion of property that includes the three beaches around South Pond.  The Ames Hill Marlboro Community Center also has a beach that is private.  For information about South Pond in general for using any of the beaches you may contact Catharine Hamilton 254-2501 or by email  Even though the beaches are private the public is welcome to access the property for the purposes of hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.  Hunting is allowed but by permission of the president of the Ames Hill Marlboro Community Center currently Catharine Hamilton.


Click here to learn more about the history of South Pond

Report a problem on a town road?

Call the Town Garage at 257-0252 to report downed trees, plugged culverts, washouts, or other hazardous conditions.  The three Road Crew members cover 65 miles of road and work hard to keep the roads in good condition through all types of weather.  In mud season, they usually know where the worst mud holes are, and appreciate tips on current conditions, but not angry commentary.

Pay my tax bill?

Town property tax bills are due ONCE per year, in mid-October.  The due date is set at Town Meeting annually.   Postmarks are accepted, but after 5pm on the due date, immediate delinquency of 8% will be added to your bill.  If you disagree with your tax bill, remember that you may grieve your property valuation to the Board of Listers in early June — the tax bill is not up for discussion.  Keeping the town updated with a current mailing address is important for you in avoiding delinquency.  Tax bills are now payable by credit card at the town offices or online.  Click here to go directly to the online bill payment portal.

Pay my tax bill or town fees online?

It is now possible to pay your tax bill and a variety of other town fees online via credit card or electronic check.  The town accepts online payments for: current taxes, zoning permits, dog licenses, recording fees, and certified copies.  A 3% convenience charge is added to your bill when paying by credit card and a flat fee of $1.50 is added when paying by electronic check. Click here to go directly to the online bill payment portal.

Dispose of household trash?

The WSWMD Transfer Station on Old Ferry Road in Brattleboro accepts household trash with the purchase of a $35/year sticker.  More information is to be found at       There are also a number of local trash haulers who can be found in a local phone book under “Garbage Removal”.

Report a lost or loose dog?

Please report the stray animal to the Animal Control Officer Michael Young by phone at (802) 380-0311 or  You can also call the Marlboro Town Office at 254-2181.  If the dog is wearing a Marlboro tag, it will be easy for us to notify the owner.  If the dog has no tags or collar, please report it to the Animal Control Officer or the Marlboro Town Office and, if possible, arrange to bring it to the Windham County Humane Society, 802-254-2232.  As always, if a dog is acting strangely or aggressively, don’t approach it.