There are many ways that the Town of Marlboro works to serve the community.  For further information, contact phone numbers are available within each listing or e-mail us at:

Marlboro Town Office     Phone : (802) 254-2181

Forrest Holzapfel, Town Clerk:

Linda Peters, Town Treasurer:

P.O. Box E, 510 South Road, Marlboro, VT 05344

Marlboro Highway Department   Phone : (802) 257-0252

David Elliott, Road Foreman

Town Garage located at 3849 VT Route 9

Emergency or Fire: 911     State Police: 911 or (802) 722-4600   Game Warden: (802) 251-2171

Animal Control Officer:  Peggy Tiffany (home) 348-7479; (text) 579-7109; (email)

Board of Auditors   Meetings:  Third Monday of each month, 3:30 p.m., Town Office, Gail MacArthur (2024), Andy Reichsman (2022), Rose Watson (2023)

Conservation Commission  Meetings:  Second Monday of each month, 7:00 p.m., Town Office.               The Conservation Commission is currently going through a reorganization, if you are interested in Chairing or just being a member of this commission, please contact the Marlboro Select Board at

Constable Clarence Boston (2022)  254-3344

Development Review Board   Hearings: Third Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m., Town Office  Members:   Steven John, Chair (2022), Brent Seabrook (2019), Gail MacArthur  (2020),  Jean Boardman (2021), John Nevins (2021); Alternates (2022):  Matthew Tell

E911 Coordinator     (2022) Allan McLane, Jr.     (802) 579-7987

Emergency Management Director  Jay Sparks:, 802-490-9073 (cell), 802-451-7146 (work)
During an emergency event, call 802-254-1301 (EOC#)

Energy Coordinator/Energy Commission: The Energgy Commission is currently going through a reorganization, if you are interested in Chairing, being the Coordinator, or just being a member of this commission, please contact the Marlboro Select Board at

Fire Chief   Andrew Richardson- Acting Fire Chief:

For Emergency: Please call 911

Fire Wardens  Allan McLane, Jr.  (802) 579-7987 ;  Pieter van Loon (802) 254-3872 (appointed by McLane)

Green Up Day Coordinator  Sarah Greico, 257-1229,

Health Officer     Susanne Shapiro, 254-2570

Hogback Preservation Commission  Meetings Bi-monthly Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov 2nd Monday, 5:00 p.m. Town Office.  Members:  Edward Metcalfe (2022), Sarah Grant (2022), Michael Purcell (2022), Chair, Christine Colella (2020), John Nevins (2021) Vacancy (2021).

Housing Rehabilitation Committee  T. Hunter Wilson,  Patricia Webster

Inspector of Lumber, Shingles and Wood  Robert Anderson (2022)

Justices of the Peace (2023) Marcia Hamilton, David Holzapfel, Linda Peters, Andy Reichsman, T. Hunter Wilson 

Listers  Forrest Holzapfel (2022),  Eric Matt (2023), Evan Wyse, Chair (2024)

Marlboro Center Park Committee    257-8065  P’tricia Wyse

Marlboro Committee for Universal Broadband: Steven John, Chair (, Tyler Gibbons, Secretary, Bill Esses, Joe Prignano, Jacob Smith, Brian Whitehouse, Annie Bartlett

Marlboro Alliance, Chair: Francie Marbury

Marlboro Community Center  Lauren Poster, Chair:

Marlboro Elementary School Board

                            Jeremy Kirk (2022)
251-0214            Celena Romo (2022)
257-7328            Dan MacArthur (2023)
380-5001            Douglas Korb, Chair (2024)
257-4215            Judith Robinson (2022)

254-2668           Wayne Kermenski, Principal

Marlboro Meeting House    Jack North, Chair, Board of Trustees (254-4976) , Marcia Hamilton, Treasurer and Facilities Use Coordinator 490-0347

Marlboro Park Association    Erica Morse

Marlboro Post Office P.O. Box R, 510 South Road, Marlboro, Vermont 05344  254-4400

Marlboro Town Library   Andra Horton

Planning Commission:
MeetingsSecond Tuesday, 5:00 p.m.
Members:  Tim Segar, Chair, (2022) , Staley McDermet, Vice Chair, (2023), Donald Sherefkin, Secretary (2023), Edith Mas (2020), Patti Smith (2020), Matthew Tell (2022), Jennifer Girouard (2023), William Shakespeare (2022)

Rescue, Inc. Trustee: Didi Prignano, text: 802 689-2743,

Senior Solutions Representatives (2020) Lucy Gratwick, one vacancy Advisory Council Responsibilities 3-30-16

Select Board      
(2023) Aaron Betts                                      

(2024) James Agate                                     

(2025) Molly Welch                                                                               

Nick Morgan, Assistant to the Select Board

Nick Morgan, Town Administrator             

Trustees of Public Funds

(2023) Hollis Carlisle    (2022) Patricia Mangan    (2022) Jill Golden                                               

Town Agent   (2022) Mimi Brill

Tree Warden  (2022)  Pieter van Loon (802) 254-3872

Weigher of Coal (2021)  Hugh Whitney

Windham Regional Commissioners  (2022)  Edie Mas, Will Shakespeare

Windham Solid Waste Management District Representatives  (2021) Stillman Vonderhorst:; Vacancy, (Alternate)

Zoning Administrator      Mary Sargent (2022)