The Marlboro Energy Committee has been reconstituted.  The Committee will be holding their meetings on the first Monday of the month at 6:00pm.  The meetings will initially be held via ZOOM
with the link available on the agenda.  The next meeting will be held on Monday, January , 2023 @ 6:pm.The agenda can be found here (link to the agenda will be posted here ):


Use this link to join Zoom Meetings

News From the Marlboro Energy Committee
Want to join us? Want to help save money and resources, have fun, and make a difference?

The Marlboro Energy Committee meets monthly and is seeking new members. Current Energy Committee members are Kate Kirkwood, Erika Korb, Robin MacArthur, Ryan Williams, and Tamara Stenn.

For more information contact:

We have some great plans! We are working on an upcoming energy fair for our residents to learn more about options. We are also working with State and Federal groups to get some funding for assessments of our public buildings and perhaps implantation of new energy initiatives depending on what we learn in our assessment period.

Meantime, here is some free info we can pass on to Homeowners and Renters – Save with Efficiency Vermont and help Vermont meet its energy goals Free Energy Savings Kits ($47 value) – For a limited time, Vermonters can get a free kit of products like LEDs and water-saving devices and start saving money on energy bills.

Free Virtual Home Energy Visit – available to all people living in Vermont, whether in a home or
apartment.  The service mimics an ‘audit’ (but it is NOT an audit) in that we are taking 23 years of
experience working in Vermont homes and offering strategic advice, direction and resources to
homeowners and apartment renters to understand and reduce their energy use.  This is the place to start for anyone wanting to understand energy use and create a strategy to reduce it.

Modern Wood Heating – information offers are here, including automatic-feed wood pellet
furnaces: business

Home Performance with Energy Star Weatherization – with different incentive levels based on the
income of the property owner.  This is the program that applies to most single-family households in

Modernize your rentals – get support with electric heating and cooling with heat pumps and modern
wood heating. Upgrade or modernize any in-unit or shared appliances through some brand-new
prescriptive offers for rental property owners.

Efficiency Vermont newsletter – Efficiency Vermont is a public utility. They produce a newsletter with content driven by work in communities, and state and regional partner work, with helpful tips and information – sign up here: