Current Agenda: HPC Agenda 03 11 2019


The Hogback Preservation Commission is the governing entity for Hogback Mountain under the auspices of the Marlboro Select Board. This Commission sets and revises policy under the purview of the Conservation Easement Agreement held by the Vermont Land Trust. The Commission will also monitor, revise and update the Management Plan, ensure conformity to the Conservation Easement Agreement, provide an annual budget for Select Board review and provide recommendations for the management of the Hogback Mountain Endowment Fund.

The board is comprised of three-seven members.

This commission provides management oversight of all matters concerning Hogback Mountain and provides advice and recommendations to the Select Board in this regard, as needed.  The Management Plan can be seen in List of Documents.

The Commission provides a general oversight of the private, non-profit Hogback Mountain Conservation Association (HMCA) whose volunteer members will endeavor to support the Commission. HMCA, as a separate organization, is the group expected to provide actual on-the-ground support at Hogback in the way of trail management, events and activity responsibilities and other such activities as needed.

Meetings: Bi-Monthly, January, March, May, July, September, and November, Second Monday of the Month, 5:00 p.m., Town Office

See Municipal Directory for members

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HPC Rules of Procedure, adopted May 14 2018