The Board of Listers are the town property tax assesors.  As elected officials, working under oath, we work to fairly measure, list & appraise all properties in the town, and annually compile the Grand List which describes and values all taxable properties in our municipality.

As of May 30, 2018 we have reappraised and set a new value for every property in town.  The State of Vermont has accepted and certified our work with the following documents:

Marlboro 2018 Reappraisal Evaluation Results

2018 Equalization Study Results – Marlboro

The following Grand Lists show all the values in Marlboro.

2018 Grand List (excel)

2018 Marlboro Grand List

Our Valuation Methodology is shown in the following two documents:

House Grading Rubric

2018 Land Grading Factors

If you do not agree with the Listers valuation, please read the following:

Appealing Your Value

Greivance Application

Evan Wyse, Chair   (2018)  served since 2003

Forrest Holzapfel  (2019)  served since 2002

Eric Matt  (2020)  served since 2014

Meetings:  Wednesdays 7:00 PM,  Town Office

See Municipal Directory for Members of the Board of Listers.