Elections are presided over by the Town Clerk and follow Federal & State guidelines.  Town Meeting is held every year on the first Tuesday of March.  Absentee ballots are available before each election. Registering to vote can be done by downloading the form here Voter Registration Form and returning it to the Clerk, or by calling the Town Office to have a form mailed to you.

Also, the “Online Voter Registration Tool”  allows all eligible Vermonters to submit their voter registration application online anytime and anywhere they can access the internet at olvr.vermont.gov  “My Voter Page” at mvp.vermont.gov is the online resource that allows every registered voter to login and have access to a unique, voter-specific web page where they can request an absentee ballot, track its status, update their voter registration record, find their polling place, view a sample ballot, and more.

Marriage Licenses can be purchased from the Town Clerk, but please buy your license well in advance of the day you plan to get married, as each license can be used for a 60-day period. The document below, “Getting Married in Vermont”, will answer many frequently asked questions. Please carefully fill out the Marriage License Application and return it to the Town Clerk.  The fee is $80 for the license and an additional $10 for a certified copy of the license once it is recorded, should you want one.

Marriage License Documents




Justice of the Peace If you would like a Marlboro Justice of the Peace to officiate at your ceremony you may directly contact the individual Justice of the Peace below.

Mimi Brill – (802) 254-4494

Marcia Hamilton – (802) 490-0347

David Holzapfel – (802) 254-2908

Andy Reichsman – (802) 257-4357

T. Hunter Wilson- (802) 464-5129

Dogs must be licensed annually between January 1st and April 1st.  A current rabies certificate, signed by your dog’s veterinarian, is required in order to be issued a license.  The fee is $9 for a spayed/neutered animal, while an unfixed dog is $13.  A dog displaying a current Marlboro dog tag is easy to return to its owner should it be found running free by calling the Animal Control Officer or Town Clerk, and all people approaching a licensed animal knows that it has been vaccinated against rabies and is therefore safe from the disease.

Graves The following document was compiled in 2002, and lists all graves that are standing and legible in the various cemeteries in town.  The list has not yet been updated.  Contact the Town Clerk with any questions.

All Graves, Marlboro, VT