Zoning Basics

All new structures need a permit. No zoning permit is required ONLY if the structure to be built is NOT for human occupancy, is under 200 square feet AND under 16 feet tall AND meets the setback requirements of 50 feet to all property boundaries.  Interior renovation does not require a permit.  Please understand that the process requires a little effort on your part, but is hugely helpful to the town in the long term.

You may download a Zoning Application and refer to the Zoning Regulations below.  Call the Town Office (254-2181) or the Zoning Administrator (257-4227) or email marlborozoningoffice@gmail.com with questions, and kindly ask, don’t assume.  For Subdivision permits, you may download the form, but it is strongly recommended to check with the Zoning Administrator before filling in the permit.

Zoning Applications

Zoning Permit                                      Subdivision Permit

Zoning Application Checklist & Fees    Driveway Permit (revised 11.22.2022)

{Note: new Zoning & Subdivision Permits print best in portrait format}


Zoning Regulations – Town of Marlboro, Vermont – March 6, 2018

Marlboro Subdivision Regulations March 4, 2010

Zoning Map of Marlboro

Official Marlboro Zoning Map – Consists of four maps – March 6, 2018